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Little Pixie

Bespoke Commission Work

It is possible to take most images, recreate as a line drawing then create in glass as a unique piece of art. Whether of you, a loved one for a gift or a family pet image it will be something truly unique for you to keep.  If the image is of an adult there are some LEGAL BITS you may want to read first. 

We work with you to make sure the finished piece makes you smile, and will never share personal imagery or information without your consent - any gallery images have been authorised and will be removed immediately upon request.

Each piece will be framed in a standard A4 frame, glass aperture approximately 20 x 15cm

Prices start from £65 inc p&p depending on complexity and amount of colours necessary - a 50% deposit will be requested once artwork approved prior to making in glass.  If for some reason the glass fails to fire correctly, either a duplicate will be made or deposit refunded. 

Gallery of work to date

This is a selection of past commissions (shared with the client's consent) and gives an idea of how we turn your photo into a line drawing and then a finished piece of work.  We will talk through each stage with you to ensure you're totally happy with the finished work.

Meet Rosie, the dog that can eat anything apparently! Dogs have such a personal character and its rather fun to be able to show that in a finished piece, let's hope she doesn't scoff her frame too!​

Starting with your photograph, it gets turned into a line drawing.  Then, and with open dialogue the elements get added - for example this lady has the most amazing coloured hair and it would have been an absolute shame not to reflect that in the finished artwork; however it only got added with client approval.  Finished results apparently included lots of happy noises and a OMG I rather like myself now! 

Another amazing lady with beautiful curves and it was important to show that in the finished piece.  Again, this lady decided on the additional red colouring after a conversation about preference.  And judging by the replies on twitter both she and her followers admire her shape too!

Although this is a stock image rather than a client's this is to show the journey from photograph to finished framed piece.  Due to the intimate nature of photography we will never share any client images, only the art work produced from it so this is to show where it starts from.