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Little Pixie

Legal Aspects Relating to Personalised Commissions

We want you to be happy with the work produced, but due to the sensitive nature of some imagery received we have to ensure yours and our safety in line with UK law relating to personal imagery so please don't be offended if this sounds very legal, it sadly has to be.

Any imagery sent to us to create work will be deleted once work is complete and paid for in full.  If you are happy for us to include it in the gallery of previous work that is your choice not ours to make and should you at any point change your mind please contact us and all imagery will be deleted from the website relating to you.

We assume you have the permission of the person in the photograph when sending us images and accept no liability if you do not.  The customer warrants that the person in the image is over 18 and is not a protected or vulnerable party. In the event of any ambiguity we reserve the right to ask for written confirmation that the image is of an adult and consent has been given for its use.  

Under UK law the receipt and distribution of material considered pornographic relating to minors and vulnerable adults is illegal and if we are unsure we may challenge you for proof of age and/or refer the imagery to the UK Police.  The customer will indemnify the company against any civil or criminal suit arising out of the use of any unauthorised use of any image provided.

Once you approve artwork full payment is required for the work to be completed, as it is a bespoke piece no refund is available once the work has begun.  Obviously life throws us all curve balls so in extreme circumstances we will honour a refund but please contact to discuss..

Please allow up to 5 days for artwork approval and a further seven working days for completion of the work.  All items are shipped second class Royal Mail but if a piece is urgently required for a special birthday or anniversary please contact to discuss best shipping dates.

Most people are lovely and always do the right thing and we'd hate to have anything bad arise from what should be a glorious celebration of the body but please be aware that if we are unsure we will seek legal and/or Police guidance.